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Upgrading the Cisco IOS

Lab Prerequisites:

  • Boot R1 in the Free CCNA workbook GNS3 Lab Topology.
  • Establish an active Console Session to R1.
  • A Newer Cisco IOS Image compatible with your Cisco Device.
  • A TFTP Server is required for this lab. You may need to download Solarwinds TFTP Server and configure it prior to attempting this lab.

Lab Objectives:

  • If needed, Download and Install Solarwinds TFTP Server.
  • Place the New Cisco IOS Image file in the TFTP Server Root Directory.
  • Configure your TFTP Server and Cisco device to be within the same ip subnet, ie; &
  • Ensure you have Ethernet connectivity from your TFTP server to the Cisco device which you’re upgrading.
  • Copy the new image file from the tftp server to your Cisco device, you will be prompted to erase the flash memory.
  • Once the new Cisco IOS Image is copied to the device flash memory, reboot the device and verify the upgrade was successful.

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