A+ VCE Player 5.0.2 (Android)

A+ VCE Player 5.0.2 (Android) | 21.7MB


  • Plays all VCE question types, Standard and Case Study Based exam file types from VCE revisions up to 5.x
  • Retake and Continue exams.
  • Review marked and incomplete questions.
  • Open VCE files directly from the Internet.
  • Editable favorite remote places.
  • Take a range of questions.
  • Take a random subset of all questions.
  • Take questions answered wrong a number of times.
  • Share exam scores.

What’s New:

  • New: Initial support for the v5.0 file format.
  • Fixed: Loads more exams.
  • Note: to download a range of supported VCE files, please visit the On-Labs VCE Repo (http://on-labs.com/vcefiles/).


  • Install like any normal .apk file.
  • Work’s with GenyMotion (OSX and Linux).
  • Work’s with BlueStacks (Windows).
  • How To Guide:
  • Follow included guide.





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